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General Registration Information & Policies

  • All fees shown are before taxes.
  • Registration is first come, first served.
  • Late registrations will be accepted as long as spaces are available.
  • All late starts will be pro-rated to your start date.
  • Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions prior to registering for any program.

Terms & Conditions

Missed Dates Policy 

We do not offer refunds or credits for missed dates; make-up sessions as per policy, only (see below).

Cancellation/Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Non-attendance by a participant does not constitute a notice of withdrawal.  All cancellations & requests for refunds must be submitted to the Program Coordinator prior to the first session.  A $50 administration fee will be applied to all refunds; a $25 administration fee will be applied to all credit notes.  No refunds once a program begins.

Cancelled Programs/Sessions (by Bryst) Policy

Programs cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control (inclement weather, facility closures, closures/cancellations due to safety issues) will be reviewed on an individual situation basis.  Every effort will be made to provide an equitable solution through a make-up session, credit note, or refund.  The decision is at Bryst’s sole discretion and once made, will be the final and only decision.

Change of Session Fee

A $25 fee will be charged for switching programs/locations as per your request.  Charges will not be applied to identified players moving up.

Note: Please keep all receipts for your records. There will be a service fee for requests of additional copies.

Inclement Weather Policy (for outdoor programs)

The program continues and the players will train in the rain. Training will be stopped for severe weather conditions &/or lightning. Players will be taken indoors/under shelter to wait out the storm and then resume training when the weather has subsided. Parents will only be called to pick up players in the case where severe weather will persist until the end of the day.

For further information or inquiries, please contact us.

Discount Offers

  • Sibling Discount: 5% discount per child when two siblings register; 10% discount for third and fourth sibling.
  • Multi-Program Discount (Indoor/Summer Skillz): 5% discount for subsequent session registration, or if registered for both Fall & Winter at once.
  • Multi-Program Discount (Summer Camp): 5% discount per week for players attending two or more summer camp weeks.
  • Team/Group Discounts: The Bryst Soccer Academy Team Discount Program offers discounts from our regular fees to teams/groups, depending on the number of players who attend.  A minimum of five players from the team is required, but the offer extends to siblings as well.
5-9 players 10% off
10-14 players 15% off
15+ players 20% off

We can also offer coach mentoring for the coach, at no charge, if you are interested.  Contact Bryst for all Team Discount information.

Payment Options

All payment options are available for payment by cheque, Visa or MasterCard.  Credit card payments will be processed on dates specified in the payment plans.

  • Full Payment (no payment plan): Full payment accompanies your registration.
  • Payment Plan A – full payment per session: Register for more than one indoor session now (discount applies) and post date your payments.  Include full payment for Fall Indoor session; Winter Indoor session payment dated for Dec. 1st.
  • Payment Plan B – two payments per session: A current deposit payment MUST be submitted with registration for half of the Fall Indoor session fee; second half of Fall Indoor session fee dated for Oct. 1st; Winter Session payments dated for Dec. 1st & Feb. 1st.
  • Payment Plan C – 6 monthly payments (only available for registrations for 2 sessions): Register for more than one indoor session now (discount applies) and post date your payments.  Add up your total registration and divide by 6.  A current deposit payment MUST be submitted with registration followed by 5 further consecutive monthly payments; all payments must be dated for the 1st of the month.
  • Payment by Cheque: All cheques, including post-dated cheques for payment plans must accompany your registration.  Please Note: A $30.00 fee will be charged for all NSF cheques.

Make Up Classes Policy

  • Any make-up changes will only be allowed based on space availability in desired group/class
  • As always, first come, first served – we cannot guarantee space
  • Maximum of 3 make-up classes per session – utilize make-up option only as necessary
  • Make-up class must be used in same session – exception can be made for one make-up class if player is registered for the following session
  • Make-up classes are non-transferable between players
  • Player assessments done at coach’s discretion based on attendance in group – no guarantee of a written assessment
  • All make-up changes must be arranged in advance, through the office via e-mail – see Confirmation Email for more information
  • No make- up changes after 1 pm on the weekday prior to the training you wish to attend
  • Your make up class will be confirmed via an e-mail message
  • This is the only way to arrange a make-up class
  • You cannot show up on site for a make-up class which has not been previously arranged with the office!
  • No credits or refunds for missed classes
  • Bryst reserves the right to cancel or change this program at our discretion