Why Bryst?

1. Top Quality Coaching

Our level of coaching expertise is exemplified by our Technical Director Billy Dickson (Canadian B License, UEFA B License).  All of our coaches are certified and provide high quality coaching and technical training year round.

Our  training team are hand-picked, not only for their credentials but also for their ability to work with youth and follow the Bryst ‘Player Development Model’

2. Levels of Development

  • Learning to Train (approx. ages 8-12)
  • Training to Train (approx. ages 11-16)
  • Training to Compete (approx. ages 15-21)
  • Training to Win (age 18 & up)

3. Facilities

Top indoor and outdoor facilities are utilized to train our athletes.  Indoor and outdoor turf fields and quality grass fields are provided to allow our coaches and players to perform at their highest potential.

4. Respect

Respect from players, parents, families, coaching staff, administrative staff, field officials, facilities are held to the highest standards.  Bryst Football Academy develops top-level soccer players but also helps to develop the players’ maturity, self-respect, and respect for others.