Philosophy of Our Teams Program

  1. Identify talented youth players with long term potential for careers at U.S. or Canadian Universities, or professional careers.
  2. Develop and nurture these youth players through training three times plus one game per week. All players on a team receive fair playing time based on their commitment to excellence.
  3. The development of the individual athlete will focus on the person as a whole. This means technical, tactical, physical, psychological and mental training. Information on nutrition, hydration, goal-setting and treatment of injuries will also be presented.
  4. All training & development programs will be conducted in a positive environment with encouraging and constructive comments and feedback, in order to maintain and build self-esteem and confidence in every athlete.
  5. Training and competition will be held at top quality grass and artificial turf facilities. Games are played on grass and turf fields at facilities around the GTA
  6. Goalkeepers will be trained separately by top goalkeeper coaches as well as working with the teams in tactical training.
  7. Extend the outdoor training and competition from April to November.
  8. All coaching staff is required to pursue professional development on an annual basis through additional certification or coaching experience. Bryst coaching staff members have some of the top certification levels from Canada, U.S., and Europe.
  9. Athletic therapy/medical staff is on-site for all training and competition.