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Bryst FA Competitive Teams Program

Bryst Football’s Academy Teams Program is a year-round, full-time player development curriculum unlike any other in the Greater Toronto Area. The program is designed to maximize a player’s potential on and off the field through a high-performance development model: Pre-Season, In-Season and Off-Season philosophy incorporating the technical, tactical, physical and psychosocial.

Bryst Football Academy is a fully licensed soccer academy that aims to prepare young players to learn values and reach standards that will enable them to achieve sporting and academic excellence either in the USA or Canada. If a player has the makings for professional trials, Bryst Football Academy will use its network to arrange trial opportunities. Our philosophy is to train all of our youth teams in exactly the same way as our first team so to learn the game the right way.

Bryst FA  2- Development Phases:
Grassroots Academy and Senior Academy

GRASSROOTS ACADEMY U7-U12                         

Bryst Football Academy's main focus during the Grassroots Development Phase is on technical development and establishing a strong foundation of these technical fundamentals. By developing a strong technical base, we are then able to focus on introducing tactical approaches that will foster a maturation and understanding of the competitive game.

Our Grassroots Development Phase incorporates Futsal to build foundational technical skills such as Ball Mastery, Quick-Precise Touch, Pass, Receive and decision-making. Players learn via high frequency of touches in smaller areas at quicker paces. Players will be better suited and able to execute on the outdoor field in competition.  

Our academy objectives will build excellent training habits, inspire a passion for learning along with a commitment and work ethic that is inherently part of our academy culture that is healthy, positive and nurturing. In turn, players feel inspired and empowered to be creative in play and develop a confident and positive self-image.

SENIOR ACADEMY U13-U17                        

Our Senior Academy Development Phase introduces and develops the understanding and principles of the 11 v 11 game format: Positional, Spatial, Tactical, Physical and Mental. In addition, we aim to  build and strengthen our players mental approach to the game. This prepares players to play and compete at the highest competitive levels. 

The Bryst Football training philosophy is a long-term development approach that is a progression of consistent technical and tactical fundamentals. As a result, our players develop a maturation and a game IQ that enables a specialization in one or two positions in preparation for opportunities at the next level. In addition to our in-season 3 training sessions per week, our players attend a professional-players facility for strength and conditioning with a professional trainer to improve fitness, speed, strength and endurance.

Bryst FA First Team Academy Seniors compete in a variety of College and University Showcases both in the US and Canada. Our Academy SAT PREP and College and University Program provides great opportunities for exposure to coaches, recruiters and scouts while preparing them for their academic futures.

University Pathway

Bryst FA Development Player Pathway

Professional Facilities

At Bryst Football Academy we have created high standards in everything we do. We offer our outdoor academy training program from May to October at the Ontario Soccer Centre turf stadium, a Canadian competition, training, education and exposition soccer facility.

Our indoor academy training program is offered from October to April at the Wet N' Wild Sports Dome, this allows our players to experience a top-tier, professional training environment.

Bryst Football Academy also partners with Journet to Excel, a pro-player facility with professional instructors for strength and conditioning programs for our players. We provide an academy athletic therapist on-side for our players throughout our training program.

We also provide nutrition/hydration, rest/recovery and sport psychology workshops and seminars to strengthen the overall player. We combine this with team building events that focus on teamwork, confidence-building and creativity. 

Bryst Football Academy is more than an academy, it's a family for life.

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Academy Teams

Bryst Football Academy provides an Academy Teams Program for competitive players. BFA has been modeled using the European Professional Club Youth Academy training environment and competition. We identify talented players at a young age, develop and nurture them in a professional environment, with professionally trained coaches, over a longer period of time (10 months). 

International/US Trips

Since 2003, Bryst FA has been traveling to foreign countries to compete against youth programs. When the Pre-Academy program was started in 2002, it was the Pre-Academy that competed in Norway, England, and Germany. As of 2019, the Senior BFA teams will participate in US identification camps and NCAA school visits.  This will expose the players to NCAA coaches and identify college opportunities.